Clinic Desk

A desk with storage spaces (shelves/drawers) made from painted OSB. The desk is designed in “L” form and it embeds the decorative/ornamental wall (this wall has also a functional role –there are all the wiring and the security systemsinside it). The black panel is made of MDF and it is surrounded by a surface of glass. This glass is lightened with RGB LEDs, and the light is manually or automaticallychanging its color; the controller has set up various programs for it. 1-biroucl-11-biroucl-4The glass has the same flower model engravedalso on the wallpaper and it will turn on, when it will be lighted. 1-biroucl-51-biroucl-2The light’s color is gradually changing;the transitionfrom one color to another is indistinguishable, if you continuously follow this game of lights.1-biroucl-3jpg