Primaverii Clinic

Dental Clinic situated in District 1/Primaverii Neighborhood in Bucharest. This clinic has two dental offices, two bathrooms, one relaxation room and the waiting room.

In the lobby and in the waiting room (photo below), we used a wallpaper as a wall finish, and for the floor, we used honed board grindstone of 15 x60cm.
21-DSCF208321-salaasteptare-7The entry door from the main consulting room is made of glass and has a sanding foil, where we had introduced the clinic logo –the little molar that winks, designed also by I.B.21-salaasteptare-321-salaasteptare-221-office-birou721-office-birou421-office-birou21-cabinet-scafa21-plan general321-daniela121-P105001821-office-tv221-office-tv21-office-tv321-salaasteptare-5The scoop with the wallpaper that is lightened by LEDs beyond the couch from the waiting room.